62) Victory Prayer for our world now

It was on the evening of Friday 3rd April 2020 at the end of several weeks of lock-down due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  I had been thinking about how to seriously pray effectively and strategically regarding this global crisis. The next morning I woke up at 4 am and wrote down this prayer as it had come to me in the night.

Victory Prayer – 04/03/2020

Father I praise you because you are a wonderful God and Father to us all. I thank you for the redemption we have in Christ. I thank you because you are not a God who sends terror, or sickness to those whom you love, and you love all people. You are not a Father who uses fear to force people into submission to you. Thank you Father that you are a God who loves us unconditionally. You have proven and demonstrated this love in your Son who died and eternally redeemed us, made us righteous and set us free. If we struggle in life, you are with us to support us, to help us, to make us whole, guide us, and to provide for us.
Thank you Jesus you came to earth as a man to destroy the works of satan, when you were made sin and carried the sin of the whole world to the grave. You removed satan’s armory, his ability to accuse us before God and his ability to accuse God before us. The only reason satan still manages to condemn and accuse is because so many still don’t know this truth. The truth that satan was forced into exile and silence, and that you are a loving God and we are accepted in the beloved.
Jesus, once upon a time satan had a stronghold on the world during that age when you came to earth. However, you came and bound the strongman and spoiled his goods. We were those goods when once humanity was held captive in the prison of sin and death, where satan kept presenting his lying accusations. Yet, you came and carried sin away, overcame death by your resurrection, redeemed us by your blood presented in the heavenly holy of holies, and so left satan stripped and disarmed of his grounds to accuse us.

Thank you Jesus, even when satan held rebel influence over the nations of the world, through the cross you removed sin and guilt was forgiven once for all. You rose from the dead holding the keys of death and hades, and obtained all of God’s authority in heaven and on earth. You are the true King of Kings and the only rightful ruler over the nations of the world. We now have access to your Name above all names, and your authority to tred upon serpents and scorpions, over every evil spirit, and over all the dark power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means harm us.

Father thank you for the Holy Spirit of Grace and truth who is the great teacher opening the scriptures to us and revealing Christ in us. Thank you that the same power that raised Christ from the dead, is at work in us. Thank you that the same anointing that flows from Jesus as the head of the Church, flows through all of us members of His body. Thank you Holy Spirit, that you guide us in prayer whether we pray in the Spirit or pray with the understanding also.

Father no matter how bad the situation looks in the world right now, where once upon a time there was much sin, your grace hyper-abounds even more now. We believe You have been working throughout all of Old Testament scripture, bringing all things together for the revelation of the eternal New Covenant of Grace and Peace, and that you are working towards an even greater revelation of your true Gospel, and your loving glory and power is at work in people everywhere across the planet. Father real authority comes from you only and you have given it all to Christ in whom we stand as more than conquerors.

In the name of Jesus!, satan you have desperately worked hard over many many years. You have invested your deceptions and infiltrated the secular world, the organised church and other organised religions. In the last few decades you have mobilized the media to overload the minds of generations with beliefs about a last days doom and gloom as so called fulfillment of prophecy. You have worked hard to move the nations towards the believe in a pseudo doctrine producing fear of an end time planetary disaster. You knew that fear could bring the nations to their knees so they would willingly submit to those who don’t even know they were key players in your evil scheme. The indoctrination that caused many of God’s people to believe and speak your lies about a one world government and a one world religion with a leader whom you would incarnate has come to an end. The people of God are waking up and your smoke screen is fading fast. You will no longer hold rebel control over the nations. People are realizing that none of this is fulfillment of God’s Word!
Satan you are not going to be defeated. You were defeated more than two thousand years ago! You were bound and restricted two thousands years ago. Christ rose from the dead and returned that same century to execute Judgment. It was then that Christ terminated the power of the law of sin and death in actual fulfillment of God’s word and all prophecies. It was then you were completely disarmed, and you know it. You have never held God’s authority since you were cast down to earth. You have only tried to exercise rebel influence for as long as man was imprisoned to sin and death. Many people still don’t know that truth, but they will. Since that day you have not been the god or ruler of the air anymore. Since His resurrection Christ forbade you your access to heaven. I plead upon the blood of Yeshua, the blood of the Eternal New Covenant of forgiveness in Christ in whom we stand. The blood of the New Covenant by which you satan were disarmed two thousand years ago. You have no right of influence over the nations of the world anymore. You have no right over the minds of Government leaders anymore, you have no right to use rebel rule over the media! You and your influence and dark power remain bound and forbidden from having that influence!
In the name of Jesus!
Your demonic forces remain bound and forbidden to exercise influence over peoples life’s!
In the name of Jesus, I command that the collective human consciousness of societies around the world that hold an expectation of a last days apocalypse collapses immediately!
This is not fulfillment of God’s word or prophecy. The smoke screen you put up to suggest that this current crisis or any future crisis is God’s word in fulfillment is now identified for what it really is, a lie. God’s last days prophecies are not going to be fulfilled. They already came to pass. His prophecies were fulfilled, and His Kingdom came and is here ruling from the heavenly realm, echoing in the hearts of man. The fact is satan, you have been exercising rebellion in Christ’s kingdom.
Christ is the only ruler of the Nations. Jesus Christ rules by love, truth and grace, and eventually every knee will willingly bow and every tongue will gladly give praise and thanks to Him for He alone is worthy.
In the name of Jesus, as an ambassador of Christ’s Kingdom, I decree that the holy Angelic armies of heaven equipped and appointed for this task go forth over all the earth securing peoples deliverance from the power and influence of darkness. Keeping forces of darkness restrained and subdued even as Christ already bound and forbade them their influence in the world.

Holy Father I thank you that your Holy Spirit is speaking to people everywhere, including leaders of governments and nations, working in them to embrace the truth, to embrace what you are saying to them about this crisis and any other crisis and how to practically manage it. Thank you Holy Spirit for your healing power going into hospitals and homes around the world and healing broken and sick bodies and restoring loved ones to their families. I thank you that where there was anger and hatred towards people of other ethnicity or other groups, you are now working in the heart of each individual struggling with this emotional pain, and there will be opportunity for healthy debate, transformation and ultimately forgiveness, reconciliation and healing of whole societies.
In the name of Jesus, I declare corona virus, economic breakdown, hatred and division, including racism, political deception, misrepresentation in the media and all related falsehoods defeated!!

Father, I ask for your wisdom. We are learning so much about what must change in this world. We must re-prioritize relationships, and family, learn to develop healthier lifestyles, clean up pollution and work hard to prevent it. We must root out attitudes of selfishness and greed and unconscious biases towards others. Most of all, we all need to become more established in the awareness of your amazing love towards us all. Thank you that you are leading us and showing us the way forward into a better future.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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