93) Rejoice in the Victory, God has answered your prayers!

The time has come to change focus and encourage you. For you have gone through an extremely difficult time lately. No need to go into the specifics of what battles you have had to fight. I know you have struggled. You have been feeling troubled. You have had many conversations with family, friends, and colleagues. You have been trolling through the internet and sharing posts. You have been wondering about what the next steps are and how do we get out of this mess.

Most of all you have been praying. Perhaps you thought that you have not prayed enough. Maybe you should have been fasting. Maybe you should have been praying and doing spiritual warfare all night. STOP!  Hold on!
Are you concerned? Do you love your family? Your kids? Your grand-kids? Your friends? Do you want the best for this world, for this planet? Our future? The future generations? Why do you love them, and want those things? The Lord Jesus is not unaware of the tough times you have been going through. He is in fact very much struck by your troubles, and fully identifies with you in them. (Hebrews 4:15)
If you had to pray more, then how much more? How many times would you have to ask God the same thing. The same God who told you that He will answer you even before you ask Him, and He is not deaf. You do not need to chant the same thing over and over. He knows what you need even more than you do yourself. (Isaiah 65:24 and Matthew 6:8)

God does not sit there like a harsh judge, judging whether you have prayed enough or not.
A judge who holds a record of failings might do that, but your Father is also a loyal judge, who judges righteously according to the New Covenant Peace. He loves you and is quick to give you what you asked Him. Everything in accordance with the eternal New Covenant in Christ is yours, and His answer to you is Yes, Yes, and again I say yes and amen. He is not going to give you a sour answer. When God answers your prayers, He does exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask or think or are even capable to imagine, as His Power is able to work in you and through you and in the circumstances you prayed about. (Ephesians 3:20-21)

He is a not a God of lack, but of abundance. His answers cause your cup to run over. (Psalms 23:5)
Because you have prayed for your loved ones, for the world, for the situation in the world today and those in authority according to His will, and His will is His eternal New Covenant in Christ, He has heard you. As passionate as you are about all those things you have prayed for, He is even more so.
He has heard you. Now that you know that He has heard you; you must also know that you have those things you asked of Him in prayer. (1 John 5:14-15) He heard you even months ago and even before that time. Prayer is your covenant response and covenant right. This covenant is between the Father and Jesus, and you are in Jesus in the New Creation of the New Heaven and earth adopted into the New Covenant, the Kingdom of God. You spoke His Word in this Earth like the ambassador of His Kingdom that you are. His mighty holy Angelic armies were deployed and have been out there doing the work you commanded as you spoke the Word of God. They are out there restraining evil, subduing and destroying the plans and plots of the evil one because your prayers deployed them.

You have been a great Man/Woman of prayer. You have been very good at asking in prayer, but you have been a poor receiver. You know how to keep coming back to the same prayers over and over again. But you have prayed and asked more than enough. It is time to put on the same mentality of Jesus, and in your mind be like Him. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, He said: “Father I thank you that you have heard me, and I knew that you always hear me” (John 14:41-42)   
You have prayed numerous times as best as you could about all the stuff that has been going on.

You have prayed for the truth to be revealed to the world, you prayed for God to intervene, for miracles in the world and in your own personal circumstances. You have asked for personal victories and wisdom for decisions you need to make. Everything seems to have come to a breaking point all over and you need answers from God.
The Lord is saying: Remember, what you focus on is what you will be drawn toward. Your asking keeps you focused on the problem. Even if it looks like you have not got the answers, take a step of faith believing His Word, He has heard.  
It is now time to believe that your Father has heard you loud and clear, and His answers are hear!

Now what would you do if that were really so?????
Praise Him! Thank Him! Thank God for the Victory in Christ is here!
Thank Him, Praise Him, and keep on thanking and praising Him. From now on wherever you go, thank Him, and Praise God for the Victory! Its here and as you do watch the manifestation, of your answers.

In fact, not only your answers to prayer, also the manifestation of all the answers of all the people who have been praying all over the world. You are thanking God for their answers to.

Praise Him, Thank Him, because the breaking point has become the tipping point and watch something BIG happen, something really BIG, God has answered our prayers, Praise Him forever! (Philippians 4:6)

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