111) Binding and Loosing – Part 8 – Recover your Sovereignty

Based on the previous articles the following conclusions may be drawn:

  • Satan is not the god of this New Covenant Age, he was the Archon, or influencer of the evil age that ended with the abolishing of the Old Sinaitic Covenant in 70 A.D.
  • The end of the Old Sinaitic Age stripped Satan of the ability to use the condemnation of the Mosaic Law against people. To the degree people believe they are still under the Mosaic law or principle of law for righteousness, to that degree they give Satan new opportunities.  
  • All authority comes from God. We cannot tap into God’s authority via the fictitious image of ourselves. (The Straw Man or Echo) Only people who stand in their true God given identity can tap into God’s authority. God’s authority is contained in truth. When we operate in truth we operate in His authority. Satan is a liar. It is his corrupted nature. He believes his own lie which suggests that the beauty and talents he had gave him pre-eminence over every other creature. This essence of self-exultation and self-righteousness is based on earning acceptance and superiority by external things. This automatically leads to the need to subordinate others or those who are perceived lesser beings. Therefore, Satan does not have authority; he only uses the opportunities we give him by consenting to his deceptions.
  • Satan was cast into outer darkness (the abyss) far beyond the lake of fire that destroyed the city of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
  • The New Jerusalem from heaven came to earth and is symbolic language for the people on earth who have the revelation of their redemption in Christ and the New Covenant of Peace.
    Although Christ redeemed all, the Church is made up of people who have this revelation and respond to His call. The New Jerusalem as referred to in the book of Revelation is symbolical language for this group of people on Earth who make up the Church. Satan was cast outside of its city walls of the Heavenly New Jerusalem.
  • Satan was cast outside of the New Covenant of Peace.  
  • Satan was cast out of the New Heaven and earth. The phrase “Heaven and Earth” is covenant language. Each covenant in the Bible has its own corresponding universe.   
  • Satan attacks through deception presenting accusations based on a straw man argument. The straw man fiction is based on the believe that we must do the right things to earn acceptance with God and subordinate others. In Christ we are a new creation with a new identity born of God. When we know this truth well, we no longer identify with a straw man fiction of ourselves. Our identity is now established in Christ. Our true identity re-connects us to our sovereignty, which is the topic for this next article.   

    Now lets look a little deeper into principles of Law and how to recover our Sovereignty

Genesis 1:26 King James Version
26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

The two words “have dominion” from the original Hebrew is to translate as: to reign, to rule, or to subdue. Wilson’s Old Testament Word Studies has the meaning: to have dominion and authority as Lord and Proprietor, and to reign, to be superior in power, authority and dominion.
Mirriam-Webster’s Dictionary for the word “dominion” gives the following synonym’s: 
ascendance (also ascendence), ascendancy (also ascendency), dominance, domination, hegemony, imperium, predominance, predominancy, preeminence, reign, sovereignty (also sovranty), supremacy.

The Authority of a Sovereign

Sovereignty is connected to authority. A sovereign is often described as a person who has supreme power or authority, such as a king or queen. God is obviously the supreme Authority and described as “sovereign” in the Bible. In addition to describing those who have authority, the word sovereign also defines authority in this way: to have sovereign authority is to have absolute power—that is, power that cannot be checked by anyone or anything.

Nations and states are also sometimes described as “sovereign.” However, in a real democracy it is the people who are sovereign and government is formed by the people. The word Sovereign can also be a synonym for a supreme ruler or entity as in “the sovereignty of the most exalted kind.” Yet, again in true democracy, the head of state has been put in office by the people who are sovereign and his or her task involves insuring and protecting the sovereignty of the people.

Now there is no question that God is the supreme sovereign above all and everything. Then He created man and woman and by His sovereignty, He made them sovereigns (to have absolute power) to be like Kings and a Queens, to reign and have dominion in the earth. Their sovereignty and dominion was delegated to them by God’s sovereignty. Before the fall Adam and Eve operated in this true identity as sovereigns vested with delegated authority of God. As long as they operated from their true identity they were connected to their sovereignty and could exercise their dominion with God’s authority and power. 

The moment they believed the serpents lie they traded their sovereignty (their identity) for a straw man fiction of themselves. Even though they were still sovereign, yet their self-image had now become corrupted, and they became disconnected from the reality of their sovereign true self. The moment that happened they could no longer exercise dominion in the same way. Exercising dominion is always connected to your sovereignty. Let us link that with what we have said before. If you stand in your identity as a sovereign, then you are operating in truth. If you are operating in truth, you are also operating in God’s authority. Remember truth and authority are one. Since eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, mankind has had great difficulty functioning in truth. So, through the obsessive drive to establish their own righteousness and fictitious identities based on performance and external physical things, they mostly operated in false authority, which does not exist, and really is a form of manipulation. Paradoxically, mankind still exercised their sovereign dominion on earth, but mainly manifesting their beliefs based on fears, and superstitions, and by doing so attracting their own downfall and self-sabotage. 

It is basic but crucial that you understand that your identity is not what you do for a job, your ethnic background, a person’s gender or sexual orientation, the clothes you wear, or the car you drive. It is not even the country you were born in, and the religions people follow. These things can be part of a person’s self-image, and perhaps add value or not to the self-image. Your Self-image is just how you see yourself and is always changing, growing, and developing as you get older. Your identity is about who you are in your deepest essence and nature. It is about being. Identity is determined by birth. Of course, physically you are of your biological parents, and so that comes with a certain amount of genetic heritage and ethnicity. But the point here is that we are born of God’s Spirit. We are of God, born as a new creation by and in the resurrection life of Christ. This is the true core of our identity. Here is where we connect to our sovereignty. 

You are a Sovereign

As just stated, the self-image basically defines how you see yourself. Since the garden of Eden mankind’s self-image had become distorted. But in Christ we may see ourselves as a new creation. You know when Jesus said,..I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6) He was not saying, you only get to the Father by going through Him. He was saying it was only possible to get to the Father if He would represent you. Now we are in Him. Our new identity is in Him. As we are in Christ, He has become our righteousness, sanctification and redemption ( I Cor 1:30) So if you are in Him, and the Father looks at you, He sees the righteousness, sanctification and redemption of Christ. This is how Christ represents us before God, by us being in Him. Through our new identity in Christ, we can allow our self image to be renewed (by the Word of God, Romans 12:1-2) and regain connection to our sovereignty. What is more is by being in Him we reign with Him in His sovereignty. Once you have a working revelation of this truth your self-image lines up with this reality. You begin to purposely exercise dominion the way its is meant to operate through you. You become connected with your true identity and sovereignty.
You see now that you are a King or a Queen. You may not have subjects, but you are a sovereign vested with God’s authority and truth.

Hierarchy of authority?

There have been many popular Christian teachings about submission to God’s authority and how it translates to an alleged chain of command within a local Church. This is often based on ignorance of the scriptures, and more a cloak for manipulative control. It sounds logical and seems to make sense that you must submit to your Pastor, or elder in the Church. Well, I am certainly not advocating we should just be disrespectful to those who work hard to run a good and healthy local Church.  

Do you believe there is a hierarchy and chain of command within the Godhead of the Holy Trinity? Does Jesus submit to the Father’s authority? Does the Holy Spirit submit to Jesus? Or do they submit one to another. Now where does that apply to us if we are all in Christ and sat with Him at the right hand of God? God the Father is not demanding you to submit to His authority. If He must force you to submit to Him, that makes Him a tyrant. And if you had to submit yourself to God against your will, then He does not want your submission. If you have a growing revelation of His love for you, you will completely want to submit to Him, out of love. Now as a man Jesus, was obedient, and prayed the “not my will, but Your will be done”. The word “obedient” in the New Testament often means “to believe”. Jesus willingly submitted Himself to the Father’s plan and trusted the Father to raise Him from the dead. That is why His obedience unto the death on the cross was based on His trust in the Father’s promise of His resurrection. Because of the joy of His resurrection from the dead and the redemption of humanity set before Him, Jesus aligned His will with the Father’s will. Jesus was not forced to do this. He wanted to make this sacrifice. The Father’s will had become His will, and His will became the Father’s will. Only love could do this, not tyrannic submission to authority.   
Have you ever spent time in the presence of God, presenting your case before Him, standing in the Courts of Heaven? Once you have stated your case, and what you have desired of God is in accordance with what God said in His Word you could have, it is the most amazing thing then to hear God say that He agrees and decrees to uphold your request. Each Covenant revealed in the Bible is recorded by its own relevant canon of scriptures. God is faithful and loyal to His side of each Covenant. Therefore, He is also faithful and loyal to His Word in accordance with the New Covenant in Christ. When you state your case before God you must use the right Covenant, and you must refer to the scriptures in accordance with that Covenant. When you state your case and apply His Word, God can only agree because He is committed to His Word.      

Psalm 138 King James Version
2…for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.

Of course when you filter this principle through the death and resurrection of Christ, knowing that Christ is the Word made flesh, you could also say;..The Father has magnified Jesus above all His name. Now we are in Jesus. In Him we are magnified above His name, and with all of His being God the Father is committed to His Word, He is committed to Christ, and therefore He is committed to you in Him. Take that for reconnecting to your sovereignty.

So, when Pastors demand that you submit to them, they are equally called like Jesus to willingly submit to truth, and to trust the Father. Who is really submitting to whom here?

It’s a bit like what the Apostle Paul said then:

Ephesians 5:21 King James Version
21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.   

This is not suggesting that you should just take the Pastors role in the Church, and he (or she) would have to submit to you. There is order in the Kingdom of God. We do not all have the same calling and the same function. But we are equally valuable in the Kingdom of God.

All men are created equal

The quotation “all men are created equal” is part of the sentence in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, which Thomas Jefferson penned in 1776 during the beginning of the American Revolution that reads, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

I believe this to be a powerful truth, but I would like to add a slight addition. Though in essence and nature we are all equal, we know not all men are born with equal opportunity, because not all are born with the same potential of talents, or social status, or born into a wealthy family. Some people are born with all the benefits life can offer, and others are born in poverty, or in war-stricken countries. It is true that a person can do their best to work their way to a better quality of life. At least you must give it your best shot. Therefore, I would like to offer this addition:

Although not all people are born with the same equal opportunities, everyone is equally valuable in the eyes of God.

Another truth equal to this statement is; “Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains”.

Natural Law is everything to do with the principles and tendencies of nature and how it works. This includes the balancing of elektro-magnetic energies, causes and effects of the cycles and seasons within nature and creation. Every living being place and thing in existence was created with purpose and is subject to natural law. Nothing escapes natural law. The natural laws of nature govern the interactions and Inherent Sovereignty of all living entities and elements of natural life in universal existence.
In addition, natural law also governs the celestial bodies, universe orbs and luminaries (galaxies, star formations, suns, and moons). Nothing escapes natural law!

Each individual man and woman on this planet have the natural law of their nature and purpose inherent in their being. The same principle applies for all plant life, animals, birds, fishes etc. You do not have to teach a tree how to be a tree. Correct? You do not send a tree, to tree school to learn how to produce fruit. The tree is already in tune with its own Inherent Sovereignty, so it does what it does instinctively, automatically, and naturally and in accordance with the repetitive cycles and seasons within its natural habitat. Similarly, you do not send a lion to lion-school to learn how to be a lion. The lion is already in tune with its own Inherent Sovereignty, it does what it does instinctively, automatically, and naturally and in accordance with the repetitive cycles and seasons within its natural habitat. Taking the simplicity and explanation of the tree and the lion above, we can see that human beings ought to be no different.

This is important to comprehend, because, your Sovereignty comes with your birth right to life, liberty, and happiness, which is part of your ordained purpose. As already established, what springs to mind with the use of the word Sovereign, is that a King or a Queen is the sovereign of a country and of course, God is all sovereign. The idea of God being all sovereign is often interpreted from a Calvinistic approach to Theology. It basically suggests that whatever happens in life, in this world, it is all under God’s sovereign control, as though He willed for everything to happen in exactly the way that it did.
I challenge that view. Its just not good enough to say that God has a reason for why things happened the way that it did. That is ok when everything has a good ending. But what about, famines, poverty, the unnecessary suffering from illnesses because the pharma industry suppresses the science of cures, or engineered wars, sex slave trafficking, of which innumerable amounts of children and women have become victims. What about the corruption of politicians, governments, media, banks, large corporations, is all this God’s sovereign will to? I will be straight with you; I would not want to voluntarily serve a God like that. If it is the nature of God to also will evil in this world, I guess we have no option then but to obey a God like that, but it would not be out of love. It would not be out of a sense of amazing awe for Him, but rather out of fear. A Calvinistic Theology is not congruent with what we know about the Gospel, the finished work of Jesus, and everything we already comprehend from scripture. In other articles I wrote about the concept of free will. Although we have a free will, we must learn to which extend our natural inalienable right to choose applies. The proponents in favor of “the free will theory” never seem to mention the fact that we cannot choose which year we are born, to which parents, in which country, with what colour of hair and with what ethnicity. Our freedom to choose and exercise dominion is limited to our time-span here on earth. But it must be emphasized here that as a sovereign co-reigning with Christ our dominion does reach far and wide.

Natural (common) law preserves the natural rights of everyone so long we do not infringe upon someone else’s natural rights

We are supposed to be a free self-governing people. No one has the right to dominate or rule over others, to seize more of creation than another, or to own any part of the world given equally to all people. It is the divine principle of creation that every child born is endowed with inalienable liberties that no statute, government, or religion can diminish or abolish. Any power that attempts to do so is tyrannical and illegitimate, even if it operates according to its own set of rules, for such tyranny is a denial of the natural order and an attack upon divinity and humanity. Natural law from which we derive our Common Law does no harm to no-ones neighbor. (Actus Regis Nemini Facit Injuriam)
Arising from the Ten Commandments, and even more so the New Commandment of Christ in the New Covenant; love one another as I have loved you, will prevent injury, harm, or loss to come to anyone. Notably, most British Police forces prescribe to the Vision Statement of “protecting people from harm”, which equally is the original job description of each constable. To do no harm to no-ones neighbor forms the principle basis for our Common Law. In 1789 France’s declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen states: ”Liberty consists in the freedom to do everything which injures no one else”.     

Sadly, for the most part our world to date is run by contract law subject to CISG (Contracts for the International Sale of Goods – a product of the United Nations Commission on International Commercial Law) and the UCC (Universal Commercial Code – for the USA). These are complex sets of rules which governs trading and commerce. The UCC and CISG have become the models to follow even for legislature in Parliament with the statutes and acts of parliament and government directives, the Judiciary, which are the courts and judges, and executive offices of Police and prisons. Under these systems willing parties must agree to contract. This usually happens, unknowingly at the expense of forfeiting our natural rights. When you consent to contract, you often forfeit your natural rights in exchange for limited privileges.     

These systems evolved into the beast that it has become today mentally enslaving the masses.
It’s conception dates to the very beginning when man first lost perception of his own sovereignty in the garden of Eden. From the first century onward, it became a conquest-based system of rule of papal and kingly elites, which gave rise to a legal system known as Civil or Roman Law. In its conception it held the believe that men and women are not endowed with the capacity for self rule and wisdom.                     
Common (Natural) Law and Civil (Roman) Law are therefore fundamentally opposed, and cannot be reconciled, since they arise from two completely different principles of humanity and justice. Common law knows life as a free gift given equally to all, while under Roman (Civil) law life is a conditional privilege where humanity is managed slave populace.

The Sound of Freedom

John 8:32 King James Version
32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Jesus came to set us free from the spiritual tyranny exercised by the devil, by connecting us with His own sovereignty. Living by our true identity in Him, is what it means to walk in the Spirit, where it becomes much easier to be led by the Spirit. This is the place where we relate to our sovereignty and our natural and divine birth right to liberty. I used this analogy before when someone asked “if the devil was defeated, why is he still attacking and influencing people?” It is simple. Jesus put all the safeguarding measures in place by means of the New Covenant. The devil has no legal access into the new heaven and earth of the New Covenant. But, in the same way a thief is not legally allowed to rob someone, he will still try. Throughout the ages satan has used the systems of the world to enslave whole societies. We are called to deal with this dilemma on the spiritual plain field through prayer. We are also called to actively get involved in the physical world. Even if it means we begin to take positive action in a small scale in local community matters by legally and peacefully introducing change.       

Remember Jesus warning:

Mark 8:15 King James Version
15 And he charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and of the leaven of Herod.  

The religious leaders of the Hebrew religion of that day were very much into controlling the people.
Although Herod was a Hebrew, he had apostate’ d into idolatry and pagan practices. Both Herod and the religious leaders worked together to maintain a certain level of occult control over the people. They certainly did not like how Jesus’ message was setting the people free from under their yoke.

Matthew 7 King James Version
29 For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.       

That word “authority” has several meanings.
The power of judicial decisions.
The power of choice, liberty of doing as one pleases.
The sign of regal authority, crown.

Do we recognize Jesus’ sovereignty here? This is how he wants us to function to. Our world systems, such as the judicial system, the banking system, the mainstream media, the tech industry, the food industry, have grown into disproportionately powerful global institutes. The only way that was ever possible was by our own consent. We allowed this to happen. Slowly but surely over many decades we stood passively by contracting with the world system whereby, we became slave commodities.
I know we did not realize what was happening to our world, and we did not have full disclosure of the contracts we signed with our signature. But we can be more aware now and reclaim our liberty and reclaim our world. We can reclaim our life and sovereignty for which Jesus died and rose again. We must learn how to say No!        

A Sovereign has the right to decree His own law. And this is where it gets interesting. In your house you are a sovereign. You decide what is going to be your common law based on yours and everyone else’s natural rights to freedom and the right to be protected from unlawful harm. You are already doing it because it is inherent in everyone of us. It comes naturally. You decide what you allow and what you do not allow, based on the same common law principles.

Ephesians 6:12 King James Version
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The reason the world systems have been allowed to rob the people of their freedom is because everywhere in the Babylonian pyramidal structure billions of key players have helped to build it. Some knowingly in service of their dark lord, but mostly by people completely oblivious of what hides behind the façade of supposedly good intentions. At the top there have always been an elite group who from generation to generation worked hard for the cause of satan. If you had the chance to ask any of them if they believe God exists, their answer would be “not yet”. That is because they are doing everything they can to hurriedly usher in their Global New World Order governed by the one whom they consider will be the illuminate one. The man who represents the inversion of everything Godly. Incarnated by satan himself. The rest of the billions of people are really just considered the chattel and minions to serve their purpose.

If we want to save our world from such an evil agenda, we must first learn how to withdraw our consent in the spiritual realm. We must know that we can literally enter the courts of heaven, and appear before the Ancient of Days, and plead our case. We can state our case, intercede for the nations. It is true that Satan was defeated in the first century, at the cross. Since the cross and the abolishing of the Sinaitic Covenant in 70 A.D., the basis for satan to influence our world, which was sin and guilt, and condemnation, was taken from him. What we see happening in our world today is not the book of Revelation being fulfilled. It is the people giving consent to a devil who does not have the authority or right to operate in this planet. We can forbid his influence, demand his operations to cease. We can bind him and all other spirits of darkness. To bind, is to forbid. To loosen is to allow.

As I have now shown that many of the evil elements our world’s system has only been able to push for dominance by means of deception and our consent, this is still the natural realm. We must now educate ourselves and apply wisdom as to how and where to withdraw our consent and demand an end to the things that threaten our freedoms and health of the nations. We must take a stand for truth for the sake of our future and our children’s future. For those of us who know the Lord and believe His Gospel, we are called to first begin this action in the realm of the spirit. We can effectively demand a stop to Satan’s influence in the world.   

Binding and Loosing

There have been many Theologians and Preachers who have written about the concept of the “Binding and Loosing” idea in scripture. There have been few however, who raised eyebrows or even caused a major stir among the Christian community like Rob Bell’s book, Velvet Elvis, published in 2005. His book then kicked over many sacred calves in organised Churches in the world. The subtitle to the book was: Repainting the Christian Faith. I think it is important to bring this up into this study because irrespective of what people have said about him or his teaching, I believe he has made a particularly good observation, a point noteworthy to take into consideration.

Below I pasted the excerpt of pp. 49-50, which highlights our topic.


“Now imagine if a rabbi who had a new perspective on the Torah was coming to town. This rabbi who was making new interpretations of the Torah was said to have authority. The Hebrew word for “authority” is shmikah. This might not even happen in your lifetime. You would hike for miles to hear him. A rabbi who taught with shmikah would say things like, “You have heard it said…, but I tell you…”

What he was saying is, “You have heard people interpret that verse this way, but I tell you that this is what God really means in that verse.”

Now the rabbis had technical terms for this endless process of forbidding and permitting and making interpretations. They called it “binding and loosing”. To “bind” something was to forbid it. To “loose” something was to allow it. So, a rabbi would bind certain practices and loose other practices. And when he gave his disciples the authority to bind and loose, it was called “giving the keys of the kingdom”. Notice when Jesus says in the book of Matthew 16:19: And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

What he is doing here is significant. He is giving his followers the authority to make new interpretations of the Bible. He is giving them permission to say, “Hey, we think we missed it before on that verse, and we’ve recently come to the conclusion that this is what it actually means.” And not only is he giving them authority, but he is saying that when they do debate and discuss and pray and wrestle and then make decisions about the Bible, somehow God in heaven will be involved.


Jesus expects his followers to be engaged in the endless process of deciding what it means to actually live the Scriptures. The footnote in the book also states:

See [i]Anchor bible Dictionary[/i] 1.743-45 (New York: Doubleday, 1992) and Walter Bauer et al. [i]A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and other Early Christian Literature[/i], 3rd ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000), 222.

Also, according to Josephus, “The power of binding and loosing was always claimed by the Pharisees. Under Queen Alexandra, the Pharisees became the administrators of public affairs so as to be empowered to banish and readmit those whom they pleased, as well as to loose and to bind” ([i]Wars of the Jews[/i], 1.5.2. in [i]The Complete Works of Josephus[/i], trans. by William Whitson [Grand Rapids: Kregal, 1960)”.

Now I think that certain points in this part of Bell’s book, may require a slightly more tactical way of explaining. This lack of tactic has led to much criticism and not at all surprising.

One critic stated: “This is beyond dangerous. What amount of pride do people have to think that the Bible is some how wrong and they are right, and that they can change scripture into what they want it to mean”. The critic himself needs some criticism by pointing out that the point Bell makes does not by any means suggest that people could assume that certain parts of God’s Word is “wrong”. Rather instead some of the traditional interpretations of scripture might have been wrong, incomplete, or lacking. Nothing is wrong about scripture, but God calls us towards an ever-progressive understanding of our revelation of the messages within scripture.  

Website: Jerusalem Perspective states:

“The Hebrew verbs אָסַר (’āsar, “bind”) and הִתִּיר (hitir, “loose”) each appear with more than one meaning in the Hebrew Bible. The verb אָסַר (’āsar) can mean “tie” as in Judges 15:12 and 16:11; “imprison” as in 2 Kings 17:4; “hitch” (a cart, wagon or chariot) as in Genesis 46:29; and “tether” as in Genesis 49:11; while the verb הִתִּיר (hitir) can be the exact opposite of ’āsar in each of its senses.

By the time of Jesus, ’āsar had acquired the additional meaning “forbid,” and its antonym, hitir, had acquired the meaning “permit.” These are the meanings most often found in rabbinic literature. Jewish sages were called upon constantly by their community to interpret scriptural commands. The Torah forbids working on the Sabbath, for instance, but it does not define what constitutes work. As a result, the sages were required to rule on which activities were permitted on the Sabbath. They “bound,” or prohibited, certain activities, and “loosed” or allowed, others”.

As the Rabbis under the Old Sinaitic Covenant learned to have an open-ended debate on the practical applications and interpretation of the instructions (commandments) of the Torah, once they arrived at a consensus the conclusions became accepted norm and integrated until further insight was obtained. The responsibility of the Rabbi’s under the Old Sinaitic Covenant to make these decisions were linked to the Holy of Holies in the Jerusalem Temple, which represented heaven and God’s presence on Earth. When they bound or forbade something it was assumed that they were led by God to come to this consensus, and that their insight was backed by heaven’s authority. Therefore, it would be foolish to assume the Rabbi’s could just come up with their own version of truth. This wrestling between binding and loosing was meant to be a process which involved Yahweh’s presence and affirmation.
In the New Covenant we have a unique new dynamic. We are to learn to interpret how only one commandment: love one another, as I have loved you should apply in our everyday situations. Even more so, our wrestling between binding and loosing is now linked to heavens holy courts where Christ represents us.

Hebrews 6:19-20  King James Version
19 Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil; 20 Whither the forerunner is for us entered, even Jesus, made an high priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.  

We are called to explore what the daily issues are which can be allowed as part of the New Covenant and which things to reject and be kept restrained outside of the New Covenant. This includes the forbidding of the influences of satan and evil spirits in the earth. By faith we can literally enter heaven’s holy court, and state our case either as a defendant or plaintiff and with Jesus Christ as our advocate arrive at the point of consensus, which completely upholds the terms of the New Covenant of Peace. When we spend our time in the Word of God and prayer this way, we will find that our plea becomes Yahweh’s decree. Remember God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit uphold the New Covenant of Peace. On this basis we have boldness to say NO! to the power of darkness over the nations in our world. We can declare the rule of the Kingdom of God all over the planet, and decree that the holy angelic armies of heaven continue to rescue and deliver people everywhere from the deceptive state of hypnosis that has kept people captive in a matrix of lies. We declare that the Holy Spirit of grace and truth opens the eyes of every man woman and child to their God given sovereignty in Christ. We are to stand in in the courts of heaven and call an end to the secret efforts the agents of satan both in the spiritual and physical realm and we will prevent a New World Order of totalitarian control!

Revelation 5:9-10 King James Version
9 And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; 10 And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.