115) Binding and Loosing – Part 9 – Travel to Heaven’s Courtroom

We take prayer serious and as we intercede for the situation in our world, we are seeing major shifts take place on all platforms of society. Better you do not expect to get back to “normality” as it was pre-2020, because it is never coming back. There are now two directions our world could go. It’s either going to become really bad, or,…it’s going to become really good, much better than it ever was before. It’s either going into a very dark place for tyrannic regimes ruling the people, or the direction of this world is going toward becoming a place where the inherent freedoms of humanity will be protected with equitable societies being rebuild from the bottom up. Much of this is dependent upon the choices we make today.

Transportation, Teleportation and Time Travel?

If we were to believe the concept of “project looking glass”, then the Looking Glass, which uses Wormhole technology, can see the past and a possible future. Can it see the future of one timeline? Or several timelines? The Looking Glass would not focus on a detailed sequence of activities in the future. In other words, it could not see exactly what would happen, like a series of events. It could disclose the multiverse idea in the form of cosmic strings. The multiverse apparently is accessed when the forward mode is set on the Looking Glass. Far fetched? Maybe, but remember there is still so much to learn about the universe and God’s creation.

The Mandela Effect

The concept of The Mandela Effect is simple. Over time, a few minor details surrounding significant events, and our perception of these events, might somehow change and may continue to further develop in the years ahead. In other words, the tried-and-true spacetime continuum, which is the common backbone of our collective, three-dimensional, physical reality might have a ripple in it.
It may have produced a parallel universe, which birthed different scenarios, events, identities, constructs, and relationships, different from what we may remember it to be.

It might of course just be the case that our memory no longer has a handle on every detail. As we forget events, we attempt to reassemble the details different from how things actually transpired or were.

Experimental science and technology such as the worlds largest particle accelerator, with the Large Hydron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, established in 1954, is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. It has 22 member states/countries and has made hundreds of unique scientific discoveries, including the in 2012 discovered “God Particle,” otherwise known as Higgs Boson a pivotal building block of our universe. Throughout the 27 km long tunnel particles were made to travel almost at the speed of light and so the world’s largest atom smasher that started regular operation in 2020 and reopened 2021 could be the first machine capable of causing matter to travel backwards in time. According to Prof. Thomas Weiler, and fellow graduate Chui Man Ho’s theory, these singlets and particles should have the ability to jump into an extra, fifth dimension where they can move either forward or backward in time and reappear in the future or past. “One of the attractive things about this approach to time travel is that it avoids all the big paradoxes,” Weiler said. “Because time travel is limited to these special particles, it is not possible for a man to travel back in time and murder one of his parents before he himself is born, for example. However, if scientists could control the production of Higgs singlets, they might be able to send messages to the past or future.”

CERN Conspiracy Theories?

Some serious, conspiracy theorists are so confident that Switzerland’s CERN organization is at the helm of universal particle manipulation, they’ve renamed the Mandela Effect, “The CERN Mandela Effect” and “The CERN Quantum Effect.” Because of the nature of CERN’s experiments, some believe spacetime is being unknowingly or knowingly manipulated, thereby producing CERN parallel universes. While CERN scientists may have good intentions, some say that CERN’s work is akin to GMO seed manipulation, in that it is taking risks with the foundational elements of our universe (atomic and subatomic particles) without fully understanding the potential risks.

Never mind modern experimental science and technology, what about consciousness assisted technology inherited from ancient times from before the pyramids were build? With the CIA conducting its MK-Ultra project throughout the 60s into the late 70s, including all the branches like sub project Star Gate, “remote viewing” would not only be limited to evasively spy on the then Soviet KGB agents of the cold war era. The same technology or ability rather could allegedly be deployed to view into possible futures, or even review the past.

Crazy stuff, I know, but if modern technology and science reaches for the stars and other planets, then why would it be strange to consider that similar efforts are made to time travel? It is the stuff of Sci-Fi movies, but entertaining, nonetheless. I remember very well when I used to watch the 70s original Star Trek series and Captain Kirk using the “beam me up scotty” device. It looked so much like my second Nokia mobile phone of the late 90s. When I was maybe eight years old watching that program, I imagined that one day we could all have such a device and even be able to communicate with someone’s 3D holographic image cast across the network like in the Star Wars movies. That will be the next thing, I’m sure. If we can imagine it, it may even be realized.

Since ancient times occult practices have always included astral projection of some sort, including travelling across times dimensions. Now tell me if witches seek to engage in travelling across the dimensions of time and space, and scientific technological projects are designed with the aim to achieve a similar result, do you not think that in God’s kingdom there is a sanctified way the Lord may guide us across the barriers to dimensions normally unknown to us (to boldly go where no man has gone before – joke haha)?


Remember even in the Bible we see a boat full of disciples with Jesus suddenly transported from one location to the safe coast after Jesus had just walked on water. (John 6:21) After Philip baptized the Ethiopian treasurer, “And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more: and he went on his way rejoicing. But Philip was found at Azotus: and passing through he preached in all the cities, till he came to Caesarea.” (Acts 8:39-40 KJV). Was Philip miraculously transported to Azotus, a town that may have been 30 km away? Luke, the author of Acts, would have heard about this event directly from Philip as he stayed with him in Caesarea (Acts 21:8-9).
Although these are only two examples out of the New Testament. The Bible has many examples of these types of strange occurrences. Think about the Prophets of the Old Testament, like Ezekiel who at times was taken up by the Holy Spirit to witness transgressions by the rebellious house of Israel and Judah committed in his past or was done in secret behind the Temple walls, and then received visions of the things that were going to happen in the future.

If I were to ask you to remember where you went on your last holiday (pre-2020?). What is your favorite location in the country you visited? What can you see? What colors, objects, people? What can you feel? What do you hear? What can you smell? As you remember all those sensations, and you close your eyes, it could almost seem like you are right there again. Do you now realize your mind is not limited to time and space? We constantly remember the past or envision a possible future. But if the Holy Spirit empowers us and takes the lead, and follow by faith, the Lord could take us to places and times we could not get to if we were limited to our natural capabilities. I once watched a video of a preacher explain eternity as a timeline like an endless rope. The first two meters of the rope were colored red to represent our life here on Earth. The rest of the rope would just continue into endless future. Now, there is a real problem because he was only approaching a linear perspective. Eternity is now and always including everywhere. You can imagine your personal timeline as a path you can walk on with the path in front of you representing your future, and the path behind you representing your past. Not only the path itself but everything to the side and off the path is also eternity. Just because there is a chronology of events unfolding as a timeline it does not represent all of eternity.


So, what if you do this exercise? Again, use your imagination. See your timeline on the floor and you are standing on this path. Is there a particular goal you would like to achieve, like write a book, complete an essay, pass an exam, achieve an athletic goal, clean up the whole house, whatever it is, choose a personal desired outcome just for you. Now look ahead onto your timeline and locate where in the near future located on your timeline you can reasonably expect to have achieved that goal. Identify that spot on your timeline. Now take a step of to the left or right and step of your path. Walk outside the path of your timeline and go to the spot, which you marked as the time of the completion of your goal. Then step onto the path again just slightly forward into the future beyond the completion time. Turn around and look back onto the past of your timeline path. Now ask yourself the question: “what does it feel like to have achieved your goal?” Since you are stood in the future of your timeline beyond the day you completed your goal, imagine what it feels like, having achieved that goal. Get all the feelings, with all the visual and auditory stimulation. Anker all those sensations in your body by tapping yourself on the chest or squeezing your thumb and index finger hard together. Now step of your timeline path again and walk back to the present moment on your timeline and step back onto the path and face the future. You have now programmed your sub-conscious mind into autopilot to walk through the practical process of realizing your goal. You are only going to do what you already did. In NLP this technology is called time-lining.

The point I’m making is that God dwells in eternity, in and outside of every body’s timeline, and in and outside of the earth’s timeline. He can re-visit any time in the history of mankind just like that. Eternity is a spiritual dimension in and outside of linear time streams. God is Spirit. He can visit the future, see what’s happening, tell a Prophet in our time, and the Prophet proclaims the vision. God can also take anyone with Him to a time in the past or future and show them certain details. Whether it would be through a mini vision, an trance vision, a dream or even physically transport that person outside the time space continuum and give them a glimpse anywhere else on the same continuum. Can you now see how the cross and sacrifice Jesus made covers all chronological linear time streams, just like that?  

Should we perhaps leave it up to God to decide if He wanted to give us an experience as described above? Well, there is that. God can if He wants to. But then He has also instructed us to seek His Kingdom and to set your affections on the things of above. The only way we could do this is by taking a step of faith whilst using our imagination.
Is that too much for you? Too supernatural? This is where I need to remind believers that we believe the supernatural because we believe in God whom we can’t see. We believe that Christ was raised from the dead. We believe that God can raise anyone from the dead. If you can believe that then where’s the limit?
If we are going to deal with this intense situation in our world we are going to have to function in the supernatural of God. The Lord showed me that during this time of crisis, the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are going to become exponentially more powerful through believers, more than ever before. Those who already operated in the gifts will have noticed that they have become more powerful, that they occur more frequently, and believers discovered new gifts of the Spirit at work in them. There will be many believers who suddenly know they are standing in the office of one of the five-fold ministry gifts. This was always bound to happen under extreme conditions. Well, we are here. We have arrived at the extreme conditions phase. If you have never experienced five loaves and two fishes being shared among 5000 men, not counting the women and children, this might be your chance.

When God operates the ability and power of His Holy Spirit, He is always motivated by love and compassion. When you operate in the gifts of the Spirit, His love and compassion at work in you will help you determine how and in which gift of the Holy Spirit you are going to operate. It may require knowing something relevant about the past or the future, if that’s what it takes to help a person, or if it means it affects the future direction of our world. If you need to take a step of faith and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to show you things to come, whether you see it in a vision, or in a trance or it seems as though you are there in person, what’s relevant is the fruit of such an experience.

Travel in the Spirit

There are many ways in which a believer may “travel in the spirit,” including travel during dreams, translation to another location, when in a trance, or even when the physical body is moved by God to another location. These are all forms of traveling in the Spirit.

Seek first the Kingdom of God

Jesus taught that we should seek first the kingdom of God (Mt 6:33.) He specifically taught His disciples to seek and to put as the highest priority, the things that pertain to the kingdom of God. Uhm, the kingdom of God is the invisible spiritual kingdom of angels and other heavenly beings in the spiritual realm.

The apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth, encouraging them to seek the things of the invisible realm: 2 Corinthians 4:18 King James Version
18 While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

This instruction from Paul is counterintuitive, because many people locked themselves into trusting the physical realm only. However, Paul tells us to focus on the eternal unseen realm of the spirit. He wrote a similar exhortation to the Church in Colossae, teaching them that the invisible things of the heavenly realm are the things they ought to seek:

Colossians 3:2 King James Version
2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

This is a dangerous and frightening scenario should such abilities like remote viewing, teleportation or time travel technology even exist and fall in the hands of evil people who only want to gain full dominance over the world population.   

Let me state that God was the first one to ever travel across timelines or transcend beyond the limitations of time (Chronos) and space. Any attempt to do just that by evil minded persons is an occult and satanic copy of the real. For that reason, I have genuinely and consistently prayed for God’s hand to restrain every effort by these people to use such technology or practice. I pray for the power of God to fall on them to cause them to fail, that their equipment will not work, that they cannot generate the energy they require to make such leaps. In the name of Jesus, I command the CERN, and H.A.A.R.P stations (used for weather modification programs) across the planet to malfunction, and for seances and ritual summoning of demonic powers by witches, luciferins and satanists to completely get messed up and be completely ineffective. As the holy angelic armies of heaven go in there and take charge in those situations it is another step in the right direction.

I get it if you think I perhaps have a fantastic imagination, I would agree. I would not have even thought of this myself until the Lord showed me in a dream in June 2020 that this had been going on and that I should pray against this evil. 

They saw the future and they panicked

I also believe that these dark persons have recently been able to get a glimpse of the near future and got the insight they are going to lose everything they had been building and preparing for, for many generations. This seems to have only been a relatively recent discovery on their part and is the reason they suddenly panicked and have been making desperate decisions to take drastic measures.

Our world (the people) is waking up to the truth, and there is an uprising of millions, soon to be billions of people with the numbers growing exponentially. These people will no longer stand for the evil corruption in our world. We have arrived at the end of an era of human deception within the matrix of a virtual reality that kept us, and our ancestors’ captive and enslaved. This awakening is much more than just a glitch in the matrix. Their system is crashing, and the freedom that was always ours since Christ’s resurrection is recaptured as everyone across the planet learns the truth.
However, our call to freedom and liberty is met with much resistance mostly from withing our selves. That’s because for many it is new terrain, and much of the truth of what’s been going on in our world is going to be traumatizing when people faced with the facts. When people are shocked into liberty, they are going to need assistance and every bit of support they can get until they find their equilibrium. Let it be said that no totalitarian government, monarch, state or law can stop the people. Only the people themselves.  

Enslavement by illusion is comfortable; it is the liberation by Truth that people fear.

In his small book Truth vs. Falsehood, the author Hawkins David R, whom I think came up with the above quote, states,

“Because all that exists represents a level of energy vibration, a scale of consciousness can be constructed, that is internally consistent and of pragmatic value. A logarithmic scale of consciousness from 1 to 1,000, which starts at number ‘1’ as the existence of life itself and continues to 1,000 (the highest level of consciousness ever reached by mankind), is sufficient to include all possible frequency ranges of human consciousness. Such a scale can be demonstrated to be highly informative and of great practical as well as theoretical value in understanding mankind, the question of divinity, and the universe.”

Therefore, life here on earth in it’s lowest form has an energetic frequency calibrated as 1 and it’s highest frequency a 1000. Anything above that we would theoretically be looking at the spiritual dimension. The more our consciousness is enlightened with truth (reality) the higher we have come up on the frequency scale. Emotional states are also calibrated on their relevant frequency.  If we had a map of Consciousness then emotional states such as guilt, self-hatred, remorse, regret, despondency, and all such negative positionalities are at the bottom of the frequency scale, whereas forgiveness, love, acceptance, and joy are at the top, leading to enlightenment. Imagine what happened when we were in a dark place in life, perhaps depressed, and possessed little hope for a bright future. Our psychological and emotional frequency did not reach more than 180 on the scale. When we received a revelation of our redemption in Christ. Boom, suddenly the frequency of our consciousness shot way up there beyond 450 to 500 on the frequency scale with progressively upward direction. Whether you believe such a frequency scale even exists is irrelevant, I use these examples as an analogy to point out that our state, mentally, emotionally and psychologically is directly linked to our anticipations and expectation of our imagined future.   

Time streams

When a person suffers with depression or someone feels low and is just not in a good place emotionally, they end up being on the lower end of the frequency scale. That frequency is the vibration they project into their time space continuum. Obviously, I don’t need to tell you that when you feel down normally your projections of the immediate and long-term future are not too positive either. There is usually more an imminent sense of doom and gloom. In Taoism and Chinese internal martial arts such as Tai Chi, there is a saying: “where Yi goes Qi follows.” This more or less means where our mind focuses our energy follows. This expectation of a miserable future also creates an energetic time stream. Remember that energy is information. It is filled with data. There is no good or bad energy. There is only energy. Energy can be loaded with very destructive ideas. It can also be packed with great and wonderful visions for the future. This is one reason why “religion” (self-righteousness) is so destructive, because it puts its followers under a sense of condemnation i.e. punishment from God. A sense of condemnation is an expectation of punishment. This state creates its own low-end frequency and projects a time stream filled with that energy. An expectation of punishment exists mostly at a subconscious level. It is a believe that they deserve punished, a believe that they do not deserve to be happy and successful. Anticipating punishment is based on fear, which becomes magnetic attracting its expected calamity. This does not mean that God is directly or indirectly involved with dishing out punishment. No, our projection of anticipated punishments is magnetic fear and low on the frequency scale. When things then don’t flow as they should, the lack of confidence, only becomes part of a cause-and-effect cycle. If you are to accept the fact that through Christ’s sacrifice you were forgiven and made righteous in Him, it will immediately raise your emotional state and up you go on the frequency scale.
A hypothetical conclusion would be that depending on where a person is on the frequency scale, they are always generating a time stream relevant to that frequency. Such is the case for a multiplicity of time streams, multiverses, and possible futures.  

Many Christians will go nuts about these ideas and the obvious questions no doubt will arise regarding the theology of pre-determination and possibly the concept that we are here to fulfill a destiny designed by God.

Romans 8: 29-30 King James Version
29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. 30 Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.

The doctrine of pre-determinism is one that merits much more attention than what I am giving it here. I dedicated a whole article to the age-old debate of Calvinism vs Armanianism in article 30) The Free will, where much more deliberation on the topic is offered. (note this is still only in German) However, for the benefit of this series here I will summarize. Pre-determination was a system God put in place during the Old Testament era right up to the destruction of the Temple and the city of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. God set up covenants throughout the Old Testament times through which He could relate to man and visa versa. These Covenants were also restrictive in that they provided the conditions on which God could bless a person or the people of Israel and it provided the directives and means by which the people could worship and serve God. In that way there was a pre-determined directive by which such a relationship between God and man could function. In addition to that God anointed Prophets to proclaim His message, and foretelling’s of a coming Messiah. These Prophets could not divert from what God told them to tell the people.

2 Peter 1 King James Version
20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. 21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.  

That’s why under the Sinaitic Covenant a false prophet had to be put to death. When the true prophet wrote things down or proclaimed God’s message, it had to be accurate just as God gave it to them. The messages of the Prophets, with all the Old Testament writings including and up to the book of Revelation with the New Testament were inspired by God. This was a very tight plan by God by His directives through His Word to funnel everything in detail towards the birth of Christ. Jesus then had to fulfil every detail of all the prophecies about Him, his life, death and resurrection, including His coming at the desolation of Jerusalem. Everything was pre-determined. During the Neronic persecution leading into the siege of Jerusalem between 64 and 70 A.D. God put his mark on the elect members of the Hebrew tribes who had become believers and followers of Christ, as per the book of Revelation. They were pre-determined to be those elect. Once the Old Covenant was abolished, hades was emptied, the believers who were alive were transformed, and all were rapture’d into the sky and taken home to heaven. Humanity was pre-determined to become a new creation born of God in the resurrected Christ. Lastly the Temple was destroyed all pre-determination was fulfilled. Since then, humanity entered the grace of God. There is no longer a set code or plan hemming us in pre-determining how we should live our life’s.

We have one commandment: Love one another, as I have loved you. (John 13:34) You now have the freedom to self-determine what that means for you and the people around you. There are numerous and millions of applications here. Standing in grace does not mean God is telling you what to do, it means that whatever you want to do in fulfillment of “love one another, as I have loved you” God gives you grace to do it.
Are there certain things God may call you to do? I believe there are. Though seeking God’s will for your life may end up in Him asking you, “but what do you want to do?”. God wants to see you live a happy and fulfilled life. He knows better than you what will make you happy. So therefore, it may seem that sometimes He is asking you to do something which at that time you don’t want to do. Then when you trust Him, and follow Him, He can lead you to do and experience things beyond your wildest expectations. If you go your own way, and do your own thing, you know you will only be miserable. It’s only a matter of time until somehow you end up getting back on track. So yes, you can do whatever you want, to a degree. There are many possible futures you can create for yourself, but ultimately if you follow the Lord in your heart, you will realign and end up walking in the right time stream.

Which truth, which reality?

Mounce’s Greek lexicon says that the word truth, means “truth corresponding to reality”. In John 14:6 Jesus says He is the truth, as in the meaning for corresponding to reality. Reality is. It’s not something that can be disputed, or combat’d, or proven wrong. Truth does not compete. By default therefore, falsehood and untruth is not, it’s substance does not exist, it tries to compete and fight with truth, but truth does not defend. If you stand with the truth, you have already won. Even if natural circumstances look bleak, in the end, truth cannot be denied.

The highest range of 1000 on the frequency scale allows humanity the clearest view of reality, i.e. truth. But again, depending on where people are and on which frequency, they may have locked themselves into also determines how much reality they can perceive. No matter where you live in the world, for many years mainstream media operated on a frequency, which only allows a shallow view of reality. My guess is no more than 180 on the truth frequency scale. What our Mainstream media News, TV and movie industry presents is a virtual reality. We know that “operation mockingbird”, was a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early years of the Cold War and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes until they were exposed. According to author Deborah Davis, Operation Mockingbird recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network and influenced the operations of front groups. CIA support of front groups was exposed when a 1967 Ramparts magazine article reported that the National Student Association received funding from the CIA.

Here are a few quotes that may convince you that these types of operations are still going on, but on a much larger scale yes, and that worldwide.

He who controls the media controls the minds of the public.
Noam Chomsky

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.

Malcolm X

Media manipulation in the U.S. today is more efficient than it was in Nazi Germany, because here we have the pretense that we are getting all the information we want. That misconception prevents people from even looking for the truth.
Mark Crispin Miller

There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press.
Mark Twain

The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.


Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.
Joseph Goebbels

Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.
A. J. Liebling

The process [of mass-media deception] has to be conscious, or it would not be carried out with sufficient precision, but it also has to be unconscious, or it would bring with it a feeling of falsity and hence of guilt…. To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies all this is indispensably necessary.
George Orwell

I used these quotes not because of who said those things, whether they were good or bad or particularly evil of character. I used them here to show you that these many people understood the hypnotic power of media.

The News on mainstream media can represent a significant distortion of what really goes on. When you become informed about the truth of some the stuff that is really happening and then watch the news again, it is clearly noticeable that it seems as if the two different sources of information are two different worlds altogether. That’s because they operate on two completely different frequencies. They are incompatible. Remember the higher frequency range always wins because a higher frequency has access to more reality. That’s why love wins over fear. Unconditional Love contains the highest frequency, fear is at the bottom of the scale.   

When you spend time with the Lord in prayer, and study His Gospel truth in the His Word you tend to go beyond 1000 at times, literally tuning into heavens frequency. This is possible if you want it.
The whole reason I began talking about the said experimental science projects, witches and wizards, secret intelligence agencies all attempting to tap into extra perceptual dimensions was not to condone such foolish and dangerous feats. It is crucial that we comprehend the importance of standing in the truth for the truth by the truth in Christ in order to forbid, bind and dissolve the lower frequencies of fear, manipulation and witchcraft. We are called to pray for our world like we have never prayed before. That kind of prayer is not just a quick “I can play better dominos than you can” and “Amen”. This kind of praying involves learning how you may literally appear before the throne of grace. It involves learning how you are to take on your jury duty in the high courts of heaven themselves. It involves accepting your responsibility to judge what is going on in our world in light of scriptural directives.
It involves serious effective intercession for nations, governments, heads of state and the people. It may involve some really powerful ways that God may use you to bring change into someone’s life, or prayer for a shift in the dynamic of a country’s politics and laws.

Praying Medic, in his book Traveling in the Spirit Made Simple, published in 2016 stated;

One of the purposes for traveling in the spirit seems to be to mitigate disasters. It’s possible that there will be an event (or perhaps several) in the future, which will make interstate and international travel difficult or impossible. Perhaps God is preparing us now, so that when such a disaster happens, we will be able to travel anywhere He needs us without difficulty. God is a spirit. Those who wish to know Him can only know Him as one spirit knows another. We must relate to Him in the spiritual dimension through our own spirit. Jesus said to the Samaritan woman, “The day is coming and now is when those who desire to worship God will worship Him in spirit and in truth…” (see Jn 4:23).

Ezekiel 22: 30 King James Version
30 And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.

To intercede means to stand in the gab. In the Old Testament Abraham and others like Ezekiel stood in the gab until Jesus came. Jesus stood in the gab, for humanity, and prayed for all of us: “Father forgive them, because they know not what they do”. When we stand in the gab, it’s because we take our position in Christ and declare His Victory, and we as His ambassadors proclaim His Kingship in Heaven and Earth. We are to take our position in heavens court, in spirit, by faith, where Christ represents us as our righteousness and advocate. We plead our case and the Ancient of Days; the judge of the universe hears us. The decree goes out by God Almighty that Christ redeemed humanity to be free, and this decree must be honored by all creatures, spiritual and celestial and all of mankind in heaven and earth.