155) Binding and Loosing – Part 15 – The Father’s Faith

Throughout the material of the previous articles of binding and loosing I covered many topics which are all part of a bigger picture. Each topic could be elaborated on much more but we have to generalize some of the studies only to make sure we cover the basics, and keep our eye on the main target. In this article I’m going to begin to funnel all the previous material together into one whole made up of all the parts leveling out a new landscape, a paradigm where the Gospel belongs.
I believe we have now arrived at that point, right before the gate that leads into a whole new way of perceiving spiritual reality and life on earth. Finally I think I can draw all the points that were made earlier into one and construct all the pieces together allowing our discernment into this amazing universe of reality to open up.
This insight provides the pathway to a brighter future for mankind and the generations to come.
Yes, the many religions including Christianity and the prophets of doom predict a cataclysmic and disastrous end of our world, but our Father in heaven has more faith in us than they do.
They may foretell in the name of God, but is God really speaking through them? On occasion yes, and then other times no. Sometimes the Lord will reveal a potential future if the people responsible don’t change their ways. If they take the warning to heart and repent, a prophecy foretelling a disaster up ahead can be followed up by another prophecy announcing restoration, blessings, health and prosperity. God’s desire for us is always our happiness. He gets no pleasure out of our suffering, and pain. And as much as the views, philosophies and religious rationale of many who tried to provide reason and explanation as to why we must all suffer the pain and discomforts which accompanies life here on Earth, I do not believe that this was by divine design.

Apart from the beautiful and memorable times in life, it is a regrettable fact that everyone passing through life here on Earth will also suffer pain and hardship to some degree. Some significantly more than others, and in that way life definitely doesn’t seem to be fair. But was it all meant to be this way? Has God made everything to function this way? Is He allowing it all? Is He orchestrating some of the misery? As I said many times before I could not worship a God who can also be held responsible for the sorrow, pain and despair millions of people go through on a daily basis. I challenge any accomplished religious authority on their endless explanations as to why God works in such mysterious ways which directly or indirectly facilitates suffering. Richard Dawkins in his book “The God Delusion” did a great job calling the religious fraternity into disrepute because of their ill attempts to try and defend a God who allegedly allows crimes against humanity. As if God needs defending. Never mind that Richard Dawkins equates God with religion as though they are one and the same. They are certainly not, and religion to often finds itself in direct opposition to God. Unless they are  defending the phantom god they created by their theologies. As Frank Wedekind said “God made man in his own image, and man returned the favor”. I take the view that Dawkins material was a genius (evil but genius nonetheless) way of discrediting religion by means of gas-lighting a straw-man argument to promote the darwinist ideology of evolution. Digging much deeper into that philosophy you will find that it comes from the same source of eugenics, which has at it’s roots Luciferianism.  

My knowledge of the scripture testifies to the fact that God is not the author of our troubles. If we have caused it ourselves in some roundabout way or if we are reaping what we sowed let’s not blame God for it. If we have been subjected to the cruel actions of others then it is those people who must be held accountable and we can’t be asking God, why did you do this to us, why!!!? He didn’t, those people did. As a society in whichever part of the world you may be as you read this, things are the way they are because of thousands of years of decisions and actions by others and yours combined together.  

However, the Lord is moved with compassion towards every man woman and child across this world. He wants to be there to support you in your time of trouble. He wants to be the healer of your pain. And if you can believe it, He will somehow carry you through it all.
For thousands of years humanity has struggled. People have always had to work hard, fight wars, endure tough situations, and even the most affluent with more money than they could ever use in a lifetime, even they go through painful situations at times.

However, our heavenly Father wants things to go well for us. If you are a parent, you love your children, and you will want the best for them. You want them to be happy and healthy. It does not mean you don’t want them to learn to cultivate personal discipline and a lifestyle that’s productive. But at no time would you want them to suffer ill health, or mental and emotional turmoil, or be the victim of other people’s poor choices. If these are the basic desires you have for your children how much more does your heavenly Father want to see you happy and live a fulfilled life and thrive.

I want you to think for a moment. We have all made poor choices in life, and they cost us dearly. We must be willing to acknowledge that and take responsibility for our own stuff. But we also made poor choices because of undue pressure from others or society around us. That not being a means to justify our behavior or actions. But we must begin to see what led us to the place where we perceived our options to be fairly limited and our ability to accurately discern all the facts of a given situation, were obscured .

Against all odds and the common consensus, I believe life on Earth can be a beautiful experience from beginning to end for everyone. Many of us have a lot to be grateful for as we recall all the amazing moments in life we shared with our loved ones and people around us. But some of us equally carry painful memories, and are still dealing with the trauma of things that happened a long time ago, and occasionally rears it’s ugly head like a broken record.

And even though darkness seems to cover the Earth, since Christ finished His work humanity entered the Age of the restitution of all things.

Acts 3
21 Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.   

That word “restitution” comes from the Greek word “apokastatis” and is defined as meaning: the restoration of a true theocracy, and of the perfect state before the fall. Now those with a Futurist Eschatology would interpret this verse as saying that Christ is to remain in heaven until His second coming soon in our time, or in our near future. This is certain to not be the context nor the intention of Luke the writer of the book of Acts. It was rather the message given to that first generation of believers who were aware of the immediacy of Christ’s return in judgment upon apostate Israel, and the Salvation of His loyal followers (the Rapture, immediately after the resurrection of the dead) in their lifetime. If therefore, the times of restitution of all things began at the coming of Christ upon the clouds, during the Roman siege of Jerusalem, until the destruction of the city and the Temple, then arguably human societies since then have hardly experienced a perfect state as things were certainly not like the way they were before the fall.

The argument is a valid one. We have had a history of wars, and destruction, despots ruthlessly abusing their people in every kingdom and nation across the world, slavery and atrocious crimes committed against humanity, genocides and democides, poverty, famines, plagues, natural disasters, and the world has been full of pain and misery since 70 A.D. just as it was before that time. What has really changed?

It is however also undisputed that much of the above listed suffering was imposed on to the people by the few who were in power at their respective time and area in the world. Imagine if all the kings and queens, and emperors and rulers down to the magistrates and governors in their local region performed their role with intention to truly serve the good of the people? Could life here be much better and fairer then? I believe so. Could it be that our limited perception of choices as to how to live our lives was imposed on us by a society largely controlled by those who want to keep it enclosed as a matrix of limited options? I really believe so. The paradox is that those who really want to know the truth can and if they make the effort they will find the truth. They may have to follow the white rabbit, and swollow the red pill. They may have to go through the painful experience of breaking out of the incubator and discover what the real world looks like. A world of unlimited freedom, and potential to create amazing new worlds. And with that freedom is the call to respond and to use the ability given us to explore our unlimited options.
I don’t think it is even possible to achieve a state of utopia and a perfect society for mankind. But I do believe it is possible to build fairer societies, where even the thought of “war” has become a distant idea of the past.

Isaiah 2
4 And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

This prophecy was not talking about life in heaven. Even if this is referring to life on Earth, one could also point out that the word “nation(s)” here is referring to “tribe(s), as in the twelve tribes of Israel. This is correct, but by todays current events we can’t safely say that Israel is still in a constant state of alert and under threat of attack or engaging in military operations themselves.   

Yet again, this prophecy is a description of the conditions of the times of restitution of all things.
I refer again to the fact that much of the conflict between nations, and countries, whether they be military wars, economic wars, are engineered by the few who hold power. Ask the common person with a healthy amount of common sense, they will tell you they don’t want war. They don’t want people suffering of hunger or poverty. They don’t want pollution. They want to live in peace and get on with their life’s.

Think of it this way, if Jesus gave us the one new commandment to love one another as I have loved you, would it be fair to expect that of us if it were not possible to do so? Granted, sometimes we have to walk by faith in God’s supernatural ability to forgive and to love someone, but it is possible. If we were all to do that on a global scale perhaps the above verses would become an experiential reality. Fact is they are completely true in the spiritual realm. Meaning that the moment we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit from our heart, we can live in peace with everyone. At that point the spiritual Kingdom of God is manifested in the physical realm. You see folks, we are way behind schedule. The Kingdom of God from heaven was established on Earth 70 A.D. at the abolishing of the Old Sinaitic Covenant. It is a spiritual reality in the spirtual realm, but it can nevertheless be experienced in the physical realm when we walk by faith.

Christ completed His work and mission so we could have this reality ever since He put it in place. The will of the Father as it is in heaven is meant to be experienced on Earth. Yes, in essence Christ is the will of God. He came to be a model of the will of God, and to do the will of God as it was written in the scriptures. But now Christ is in us, and when He may express His life through us, the will of God, the Kingdom of God is manifest through us.   

If humans on Earth were truly free from the evil hyptonic inductions, which have entranced and conditioned their consciousness; if people could live in the freedom which Christ secured two thousand years ago; if we could see the real source of oppression; if we will finally love one another as Christ loved us then….
We rise in our true identity in Christ
We rise in our God given souvereignty
We begin to reign with Christ in life
We will rid this world of corruption and centralised control systems
We will govern ourselves

What kind of society will our future generations live in then? A beautiful, wise and loving society. They will hear of the foolish and evil inventions of the people of our time. They will learn true history, not the re-written from conquerers. They will hear about the fear people lived by and died of. They will scratch their heads to hear that people in our time believed our Earth was dying and species were becoming extinct, and icecaps were melting. They will say that our generation was lazy to be honest and take responsibility for causing environmental toxicity which was the real source of all ilnesses such as cancer and repiratory problems. They would not be able to comprehend racism and would never give such ideas the time of the day. They wonder how the people of our time were so deceived thinking that our world was over populated. They will definitely be discusted and surprised that our scientists had less common sense than the farmers and tried to creat fake meat, and make buggs as a staple food. I could go on. And though it be a hypothetical projection, do we really want things to remain as they are or get much much worse for our children, and children’s children? Oh no wait, I suppose if you’re a Christian you won’t need to do anything because you will get raptured before it all becomes utterly unbearable. Well, be ready to be disappointed. You are not going to be raptured. Not as a general plan of God for all believers. There will never be a rapture, because the rapture already took place between 67 and 70 A.D.

We are called to make this world a place where love lives. This is our responsibility. That’s why we must use our faith. Not faith for a rapture as Charles Capps wrote in one of his books.
If we give ourselves to this mission things will improve, and the devil will become less and less capable of influencing reprobate people to cause chaos and destruction.                        

You see, life on Earth is really meant to prepare you for life in Heaven. Heaven is going to be awesome. So undescribably awesome. But there is no reason why we can’t prepare ourselves for such an eternity right now here.   

Putting aside the theological views of Calvinism and Armanianism for a moment. God is in charge yes, He knows and sees all, yes, but He is not controlling everything that happens on Earth. Neither are people on Earth able to reject God’s grace for eternal redemption. But for life on Earth we are left in a situation where we must choose our path and the direction we take. As communities, and the people of the world we determine what this world will be like a generation from now.

This is the reason why Christ had to set up the New Covenant of Grace so that people would not live under the demand of commandments with a threat of punishment if they didn’t obey. The whole issue hangs on the people being totally and completely free to choose either love or fear.
Remember that Old Testament Covenants were established between YHWH and man. When God set up the Sinaitic Covenant through Moses, we see that this covenant was a vassel covenant.
This is a covenant relationship in which YHWH pledges to be the Suzerain (Supreme Sovereign) over Israel while Israel in turn is seen as YHWH’s vassal who is expected to be faithful to the covenant bond. YHWH as the suzerain protects, provides, and guides Israel. But disobedience would invoke the wrath of God and was heavily punished, physical death being the ultimate punishment. Were the people truly free? Or was there an element of fear of judgment, which resulted in compliance to the law. God put this system in place for many reasons, one of them certainly being to show how failing this system would be in the long run. God put it in place only temporarily to ultimately do away with it once and for always.
The New Covenant Commandment “love one another as I have loved you” carries no threat of punishment from God if you don’t love one another. Technically, you can do whatever you want. God is not going to punish you if you do wrong. Christ landed mankind into freedom from any threat of direct punishment from an angry God. There will not be an end time judgment where God is going to punish the world. The wrath of God will never ever be released on this world in our time or in the future. Never. I don’t care what all the futurist dispensationalist preachers have preached for the last several decades. They are wrong. They were wrong In all their predictions, and they will always be wrong about that until they begin to rightfully divide the Word of God, and distinguish between the Covenant of Law and the Covenant of Grace and Peace.

The Case against God

A truly crucial truth to discern is the fact that this whole saga began in heaven thousands of years ago. Lucifer became envious of the love attention and sovereignty God gave to man. He appeared in heaven’s high court presenting his case as a prosecutor alleging that God was unrighteous. He claimed that love was not the way to rule mankind and that they could not be trusted with their responsibility. Lucifer’s stated case was that he should be ruler of Earth and master of the people. He argued that man had to be made to obey and serve as slaves for the use of their master. According to him love could not work but fear and tyranic control would guarantee the ultimate control of the human race. Lucifer began the revolt with a determined number of angels but were cast out of heaven until the final hearing in Heaven’s court. The final hearing would mean all evidence had been heard, all witnesses had been tried, judgment was decided and sentencing would follow.

Throughout the ages Lucifer, although called satan, or the devil or that old dragon after his fall, has been called many other names by those who worshipped the light bearer as Baal, or Beelzebup or Isis or well you know there are many different variations. In the times of the Old Testament that old serpent would continue to elaborate on his case and stack many more accusations to further build his case in Heaven’s Court. Though cast out he could still have legal access to heaven’s court as the case was still ongoing. He would routinely accuse mankind before God and saying (paraphrased) “you see how Job only serves you because He is afraid of punishment? All those who claim they believe in you will also disobey you, they are only serving you because they are afraid of your wrath”.
But God who raises a counter allegation in His own Court rises in His superior wisdom. He has the patience and the faith and works out a plan. Mankind sinned and yes it looked like satan was winning the case. People and I mean scripture states that everyone failed and all sinned. But the legal issue began with Adam. If satan wanted to prove that people were always going to disobey God and be unfaithful and follow after their carnal desires, then God needed to prove that mankind would ultimately choose love, specifically God’s love.
That’s the funny about love. You can’t fear anyone into loving you. God knew that the revelation of His love for people would naturally result in them loving Him back. It was never about obeying a rule. It was always about a relationship based on love. Yes, He put the Sinaitic Covenant in place, but as a temporary placement to usher in the Christ. The second person of the Godhead YHWH had to become 100% man who would prove once and for all that in the end love wins. Faith, loyalty, commitment and obedience would only be the fruit of this love relationship. The key evidence presented in court was Adam’s failing to trust and believe God, to support satan’s accusation. But the overwhelming key evidence presented in heaven’s court was Yeshua the last Adam who as a man did not only trust and love the Father to the end, but then demonstrated love by giving Himself for the redemption of all. Case won! All of humanity, every man, woman and child that ever lived and ever will live was unified in the death of Christ, made righteous with Christ and made a new creation united in His resurrection life, made the righteousness of God in Him.

That’s how Jesus proved that love works and the Father judged that love prevailed in this Case.
Since that day satan no longer has access to Heaven’s court. He lost. As Archon of the ancient world he was judged, condemned and cast into the deepest depth of the Abyss. He and any fallen angel, and demons have no access to this physical world, but they will try, and have been working hard to exert influence since that time. The only way they can have any sort of influence is when people don’t know they are giving away their sovereignty rule the Earth on the principles of love and truth, providing them that opportunity. 

We must now realize that what Christ did launched humanity into freedom from all obligation to believe in God, to serve God or be obedient to God. This is a crucial requirement because only when you are free to choose can love work. With no threat of punishment, and no threat of eternal damnation, nothing but complete freedom to choose your allegiances, to determine how you want to use your time and live your life, only then will it be able to make a genuine decision to love God.
One must be truly free to reject God in order to truly commit to loving Him. There can be no other way.
Of course mainstream Christianity has only provided satan with more fuel to his old argument by re-installing the threat of hell, and the lake of fire if one does not accept Christ. Remove this nonsense and diabolical theology and any threat of duress to serve God and suddenly the dynamics change. Why do you serve God? Because you don’t want to go to hell? Admittedly, no one wants to go to hell if it existed. What about serving God because you truly love Him, more than anything this world has to offer. Well, you could not even love God that way unless you have a working revelation of God’s amazing love for you first. That’s why preaching the Good News is hugely important.

I would love to see an Evangelist finally preaching an Evangelistic message without ever making a call to come forward to accept Christ. Only proclaiming that Christ already accepted them before they even hear the Gospel and made sure their sin is forgiven, and that they are a new creation on the inside, even though they didn’t know it. This truth can transform their life’s. Their prayer after hearing the truth can be a response of amazement, gratitude, and worship.  

Freedom to choose

In other articles I showed how our free-will is really limited and does not include the power of choice over what our eternal state will be. Redemption was secured by Christ and that’s what makes this gift complete undeserved favor i.e. grace based. It wasn’t given you when you decided to believe. Believing didn’t make it so, but your faith meant that you lined up with the truth in you and about you.
And as much as we don’t choose our parents, and the colour of our hair, nor the time and location of our birth, we still have a tremendous freedom to choose how we will live our life here on Earth.
We discussed in this series how important it is to have a revelation of your own sovereignty in Christ and the freedom you have with a responsibility to govern yourselves righteously. The interesting thing about the freedom to choose is really all about how much of your sovereign right to govern self you will give away. For example, when you marry someone you pledge a large chunk of that right in a commitment to your partner for life. You literally give away your freedom to them because you love them and determine to limit your choices in such a way that it will serve them. They do the same for you (in a perfect world) because they love you.
With regards to the government of a country. (Again in a perfect world) The people elect the individuals they want in that position of leadership. Thus the people, who are the real sovereign, lend their sovereign right to govern self partially to that politician to serve the needs of the people. If the politician misuses that mandate the people should withdraw their consent and take back their sovereignty.
When you sign a loan contract with a bank bank or lender for lets say a car, you commit certain parts of your freedom, by your commitment to comply with the terms and conditions of the said contract.  

But we have been duped and conned into a fraudulent system of government(s) and global economics. For thousands of years especially the last two hundred years rulers exercise dominion over the people, and they exercise authority upon the people, even to this day. (Matthew 20:25)
Our so-called democracies we in the west tend to boast about is under threat to being replaced by technocratic-socialism fast. Centralized and technocratic control of companies, corporations, banks, health care, front-line services such as Police and Justice systems and Political leadership have largely become the order of the day. Small businesses and local branches are being closed so when you need to speak to someone about a bill or technical issue, you can go online to chat with an e-bot. It’s not easy to speak to a living and breathing human being to discuss your problem with a company face to face or even over the phone. That’s centralized control for you. No personal interaction, just technological interfaces with generic answers.
Elections are rigged across the world so the elite ultra wealthy guarantee that only those who promote their agenda will be placed in political positions as their puppets on a string. By now you must be able to recognize that there are those within governments who are not trying to fix anything. They’re trying to break everything and leave it broken. When everything hit’s utter destruction they plan to usher in their new global economic monetary system and a new global dominion where the people who are left have been made complete slaves of the system.  

How did we get here?

The end game is already in sight, and it will not turn out as visionaries of the old families projected. The people, and I mean billions of people across the world are beginning to see through it all and break the ancient spell. They are rising up and they are the majority. The people are beginning to learn that we were free all along but we had all been trapped in an illusion. Like a baby opening the matrix and is born into a new world leaving the old behind, it may hurt to break out of that old prison and it may take some time, but he whom the son sets free is free indeed!

Matthew 18
7 Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh! 8 Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.     

This passage is a time text directly linked to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. The word “everlasting” is the Greek word “Aionios” and means “Age Enduring”. Apostate Israel was thrown into a time of crisis during that siege and destruction of Judea, the City and the Temple. The Sinaitic Age had come to an end. And whilst the fires burned down the temple and city, that age came to an end.
Verse 7 speaks about “offences” from the Greek word “Scandalon” and this word can mean: Trap, Snare, a person or thing by which one is entrapped and drawn into error or sin. Notice also the statement “woe to that man”, which has been a great springboard for the dispensationalist to claim that it refers to a world leader who would be revealed in our time and become the anti-christ. However, this was an address to the generation who lived at that time about 37 years prior to the sacking of Jerusalem. The word “man”, of the Greek “antropos” can mean “man”, but it can also mean “people”, which fits much better with the context. Jesus was saying, “woe to that people by whom the world is entrapped and drawn into error or sin”. Now I kid you not, irrespective of it’s application to the people of that day, this principle is what we can extract and surely, looking at our world today, we can say the people of our world today were trapped and drawn into error and sin!

We were all trapped in a matrix of deception even whilst we have been free all along. All of us agreed to social contracts assuming they, our governments, our politicians, our scientists, our doctors, our Police and Health authorities had our best interest at heart. We were led to believe that they were there to serve the people. And there are, I’m sure individuals who truly have a heart of gold and want to do their best to serve people within their role. But as a whole the institutions they represent are serving someone else, and it’s not the people.

2000 years ago Christ set us free, and we are still playing catch up     

We are fundamentally free people, and it is us “we the people” who are the sovereign. We the people are free to govern ourselves. How you choose to do that and to whom or what you lend your freedom is in principle your choice. When you experience and believe the love that God has for you, you will voluntarily want to submit to His lordship. He is already your Lord whether you believe it or not, whether you trust Him or not doesn’t change that fact. The people are already subjects in the kingdom of the King of Kings. But He unlike, despots, and corrupt manipulative political leaders, is not a tyrant. He has used His sovereignty to give His freedom and commitment to the eternal Covenant of Grace and Peace and rules His people accordingly, on the basis of love, mercy, forgiveness, righteousness and truth.

For Christians to preach hell, and the eternal lake of fire for the ones who do not believe in Christ, they are completely working against this Covenant of Grace where we are free in the freedom that is in Christ. Preaching that we are in the last days and judgment is coming, followed by a world wide cataclysmic destruction has nothing to do with the Gospel that says Christ set humanity free to choose love. You are free to do anything you want. But now that you know God’s love for you, you really want to submit to His Lordship. Acknowledging Him as Lord means you are really saying, “Lord, you know better, I love you more than these temporary things the world can give me. Your way is better. I may like this thing or want that thing, but ultimately when I really think about it, I love you more. Nevertheless, God didn’t create us so we could obey him. He created us so that He could love us.

The Father’s Faith

Throughout the last two thousand years mankind has lived on as it was before the cross and parousia. Commiting the same sins, the same atrocious acts of crime as though nothing has ever changed, but it has, significantly. From 70 A.D. (the parousia) at the ratifying of the eternal New Covenant and the Kingdom of God on Earth there has been no wrath of God against people and there never will be. God may still hold wrath, especially against evil, but He has bound Himself to this New Covenant of forgiveness and He will not break it. Many have been involved in evil works, and until their dying day they never chose to love God over all of their temptations and the things they chose. But then there many who have chosen to love God, because to some degree or another they knew of God’s love for them. If you have been struggling in your faith walk, and you have been living a very carnal life, the Father has faith in you that you will ultimately choose Him. He has that same faith for all of humanity. That does not mean that everyone will choose to believe in God before they die. But Oh when they get to heaven are they in for a big surprise. The love that will overwhelm them then, well, one can only imagine. It will so humble them, and they will choose to serve all those they hurt and abused on earth for eternity.

Think of the prodigal son. The Father had to let his son go. He had to let him choose his own way. But everyday he sat waiting, believing that one day… and yes that day came, and he could see his son walking up onto his land. He had returned to him. Albeit the son perhaps returned out of need, but the father definitely had faith that he would come back.

We are currently witnessing a great evil in this world. For a long time it had been working strategically in the background. But the last several years really served to disclose to us how satan has been at work trying to enslave humanity forever. All the failing governments, lying politicians, the abuse, assault and murder upon the people on such a large scale is now clear. Not one of these perpetrators can hide. There is no where they can run. Their cover is blown for everyone to see whom those involved in an attempt to subject this world to global domination, really are. It is also clear now how everyone, including you and me, were tricked into giving away our freedoms, and surrender our sovereignty to their illusions. And now that the cat is out of the bag people are breaking free everywhere.

I know you have to pay your mortgage (deathgrip) for your house. I know you signed contracts with extortionate intrests to pay back credit card debt, I know you put your name under many such agreements, but remember you can now choose and begin to take back your freedom. You can begin to govern yourselve. Trust God and He will empower you with His grace (ability) to do it, step by step. He will give you wisdom. It may be a long term project, but I’m sure that from now on you will think twice before you contract with anyone or any corporation (from the word corpse), especially with governments that have proven themselves not to serve the interests of the people. We can begin to build this world on love and the truth of God’s love for us. If you thought this world is about to fall into deep darkness, maybe it will for a time, but ultimately the Father has faith that His redeemed will choose right and judge right and we will take back this world for the freedom of the people, and our future generations.

We take back what’s already ours in Christ. That’s what the word “receive” in the Greek “lambano” implies. Throughout Romans 5 the Sovereign choice of God is revealed to redeem mankind in Christ without our involvement and choice. That’s where predetermination of Calvinism is correct. But in verse 17 the emphasis lies on our sovereignty to govern ourselves and reign in life on Earth by the Lordship of Jesus Christ. That’s where Armanianism is correct.    

Romans 5
17 For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.      

If you come to me and say that you have great faith in God, that doesn’t impress me. What impresses me is that God has great faith in you. Quote from Evangelist T.L Osborne