About the Blog writer

In January 1988, I first became consciously aware of the Gospel message. In the beginning I experienced tremendous freedom, but it was short lived. Christianity became a heavy burden of religious works through which I tried hard to attain my own holiness and sinless perfection. It only took me a few months to get drawn into the religious Christian performance mentality which is a serious problem in Christian churches around the world. Not long after my conversion, I entered several functions in the Christian ministry. Ministry became more and more stressful, and I was stuck in the religious achievement trap of self-righteousness. But in 1995 God began to reveal to me the principles of grace and the love that God has for us through the apostle Paul’s letters. Since then, wherever I preached and taught the gospel of grace, God has touched and changed the lives of many people.

In the years that followed, I was a Bible school teacher, Missionary, and Pastor and travelled as an iterant Preacher. I worked with Christian Ministries in the USA and Europe and run my own Ministry organization.

But in 2006 I decided to pull out. I took this step because I needed time to reflect upon the revelation of the Gospel and the reasons why and how the Ministry should be done. It had become clear to me that the message being taught in almost every Christian Church group around the world is an amalgamation of the Gospel (the Good News) with the Old Sinaitic Law of Moses and paganism. I had to take a “time-out” and reassess (not question) my desire to teach Gospel truth.

At that time, I completely withdrew from the Ministry and was no longer involved in any capacity. I continued my studies and naturally cultivated my relationship with the Lord. It wasn’t until May 2018 that I knew it was time to pursue my passion and my calling again. Thus, I started building this blog page. I now notice visitors from all over the world on this website. Some email me with questions. Many tell me how the material helped and encouraged them.

I love studying the Word of God, and I am committed to examine every theory and thesis I publish with the scriptures of the finished work of Christ. I will deepen my personal development at every opportunity, and I am dedicated to the studies of; Theology and basically anything that has the potential to improve quality of life.

I hope you enjoy going through the material on this blog page as I enjoy writing the material. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Grace and peace,

Pat the GospelMan